Cesar Briones

Women Who Work

The “Women Who Work” website serves as a vibrant platform celebrating women’s professional journeys. The site, designed to reflect the brand’s core values, emphasizes the importance of women excelling in all areas of their lives. The client needed a website that was visually appealing, user-friendly, and aligned with their branding and messaging strategies.

My Role:
As the lead designer and developer, I was responsible for translating the brand’s vision into an engaging digital experience. I collaborated with the client to ensure that the website not only met their aesthetic standards but also provided a seamless user experience.

To achieve the desired outcome, I focused on the following key aspects:

Homepage Layout:

The homepage features a prominent banner with the campaign hashtag #WomenWhoWork, immediately drawing users into the central theme.
A large, eye-catching image with the text “Women Who Work” serves as the focal point, setting a powerful tone.
Content Sections:

The Women: This section showcases influential women with their profiles, creating a sense of community and inspiration. Each profile includes a brief introduction and links to more detailed information.
Ivanka Trump’s Profile: Highlighting the founder, this section includes a professional photo, biography, and links to shop her look, reinforcing the personal brand.
Visual and Interactive Elements:

Micro-interactions: Throughout the site, subtle animations and hover effects enhance user engagement and navigation.
Dynamic Illustrations: These add a modern, lively touch to the site, making the browsing experience more enjoyable.
Call to Action:

Join the Conversation: Encourages user interaction with hashtags like #WearItToWork, promoting community engagement through social media.
Email Sign-Up: Strategically placed to capture user information and grow the brand’s mailing list.
Additional Features:

Shop Ivanka’s Look: Direct links to purchase products featured by the founder, seamlessly blending content with e-commerce.
User-Generated Content: Integration of Instagram posts and user stories adds authenticity and relatability.
Project Outcome:
The final website effectively communicates the brand’s mission and values. It provides an interactive and visually appealing platform that engages users, promotes community involvement, and supports the brand’s marketing objectives. The site’s easy-to-update framework ensures that the client can continuously keep the content fresh and relevant.