Cesar Briones

The Tapping Dead

One of the most awesome projects i have worked in lately…

For this game i started by helping the company create new game division for it from scratch, until it became a Game Studio (Crazy Cricket)… after the conception of it, i was in charge of putting together all the team, developers and artists which i think would make us launch the first game in the first 3 months, which we pulled off only in 2 months.

I was overseeing all the game phases, art and development, as well as bringing fresh ideas and monetization options to it, most of the time i was working with the Lead Game Developer. And i was in charge on creating all the digital assets for the game like the website, facebook, twitter, all the user interface and part of the user experience, as well as game mechanics, and getting the word out (PR) for the game, and the word spread quickly that we got it reviewed on some of the top mobile game websites.