Cesar Briones


Once a humble coworking space in the heart of San Antonio, Geekdom had blossomed into a beacon for South Texas startups, guiding them from mere ideas to full-fledged businesses. As they neared a decade in operation, it was clear their digital footprint needed to evolve. They sought a fresh online identity, one that would encapsulate their growth, their refined approach to startup mentorship, and their renewed brand.

My Role and Strategy:
Diving deep into this project, I became an extension of the Geekdom team. Drawing inspiration from their Startup Guidebook, I mapped out a user journey that would resonate with budding entrepreneurs and seasoned business owners alike. I wove their core principles – ideate, cultivate, shape, and grow – into the very fabric of the site’s design, ensuring visitors would feel Geekdom’s essence at every click. To enhance user experience, I innovated with subtle micro-interactions, making the site more interactive and highlighting Geekdom’s multifaceted offerings.

The Transformation:
What emerged was a digital platform that was more than just a website; it was Geekdom’s story, reimagined. I introduced vibrant, dynamic illustrations that not only added a visual flair but soon became an integral part of Geekdom’s branding arsenal. The new site wasn’t just about aesthetics; I prioritized functionality, implementing an intuitive backend system for easy content updates and SEO management, giving the Geekdom team autonomy over their online presence.