Once a humble coworking space in the heart of San Antonio, Geekdom had blossomed into a beacon for South Texas startups, guiding them from mere ideas to full-fledged businesses. As they neared a decade in operation, it was clear their digital footprint needed to evolve. They sought a fresh online identity, one that would encapsulate […]

Women Who Work

The “Women Who Work” website serves as a vibrant platform celebrating women’s professional journeys. The site, designed to reflect the brand’s core values, emphasizes the importance of women excelling in all areas of their lives. The client needed a website that was visually appealing, user-friendly, and aligned with their branding and messaging strategies. My Role: […]

Reata Real Estate

Implemented a streamlined and refined visual solution for a premier real estate firm in Texas. Devised an intuitive mapping system that effectively organizes and showcases their diverse property types, improving user experience on both desktop and mobile platforms.

American Idea Hotels

Successfully established the digital identity of an emerging North American hotel chain, overseeing the Art Direction encompassing visuals, photography, typography, and iconography. The user-friendly design of the website’s UX is structured to accommodate multiple locations, facilitating a seamless reservation process for each.

Cruising Kitchens

Spearheaded the comprehensive visual and user experience design, inclusive of UI design, for Cruising Kitchens’ revamped website.

SA Rampage

Undertook the leadership role in crafting the visual design, user experience, and UI design for the SA Rampage team’s new website. This comprehensive project incorporated journey mapping to understand user flow, prototyping to test interface usability, and wireframing to establish a solid structure for the design, ensuring an intuitive and engaging user experience. Homepage Design […]

Hermann Sons Life

Assumed leadership in driving the visual and user experience design for Hermann Sons, a prominent life insurance company in Texas. This encompassing project involved extensive teamwork with the client, in-depth prototyping for enhanced usability, and strategic wireframing to provide a user-centric design that fosters user engagement and satisfaction with the company’s digital interface.


I had the distinct privilege to interview with Blizzard Entertainment, an experience that proved both enlightening and intriguing. One of the challenges posed was to conceive a feature for an upcoming expansion or game, along with the accompanying UX, visuals, and UI design. Rising to the occasion, I developed two distinct designs, the outcomes of […]

Texas Landman

Lead the experience design and visual design for this real estate firm.


Lead the experience design and visual design for this national law firm website.

Lexani Tires

Lead the visual design, user experience design, ui design for this luxury tires ecommerce site.